Blue Ridge Observatory
Astrophotography by David Collings
 Copyright 2016 - 2019 David Collings    Sparta, NC - Blue Ridge Observatory
Telescope: PlaneWave 12.5” CDK f/8 Closed Carbon Fiber Tube                                     Corrected Dall-Kirkham Astrograph with Quartz Mirrors Mount: Celestron CGE PRO Equatorial mount Guide Scope: SkyWathcer PRO ED 80mm APO f/7.5 Refractor Guide Camera: Starlight Xpress LodeStar X2 Auto Guider Main camera: Moravian G3-11000 C2FW Monochrome with built in                                     Filter Wheel -12Mp with a full frame diagonal of 43.61mm Focuser: Hedrick 2.75” large format motorized focuser Planetary camera: Celestron Skyris 236C color CMOS camera Prism 10 Advanced automation software​ for controlling the observatory in an automated mode or competely autonomously. AAG Automated Weather system Dragon Fly automated ROOF controller & switch matrix Digital Loggers Web Switch controller Roof Motor Controller Interface - self designed Solar Telescope: Lunt LS60THA Double Stack Solar Telescope Solar Camera: DMK 51AU02.AS  Hires Camera for Solar imaging SharpCap: Capture Software Registax 6: Stacking software
Sparta, North Carolina