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Astrophotography by David Collings
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I have been an astronomer since 1990 but did not begin Astrophotography until 2013. This is a challenging hobby but the images that can be achieved are breathtaking and worth all the trial and error of learning to become an Astro- photographer. I have been published multiple times and most recently in October 2017 & February 2018 Sky & Telescope magazine for my M63 - Sunflower Galaxy & M33 - Triangulum Galaxy. I currently live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where the skies are pretty dark.  On all clear nights the Milky Way can be seen from horizon to horizon hopefully providing conditions for good CCD imaging. I am retired from GE Healthcare as a Design Engineering Leader for MRI’s, NPI (new product introduction). I retired early, April 2016, so I can enjoy spending time with our family in NC and new grandson.  This also now gives me more time for my hobbies which includes Astrophotography, Amateur Radio, and Harley riding. I will be adding more images to this site as I take them now that I have the time!           Thank you for visiting my new website.
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Sparta, North Carolina