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Astrophotography by David Collings
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Enjoy these links…. they are some of the greatest amatuer astronomy websites in the art of Astrophotography.
    Hamza Touhami - Hyperion Astronomy “Prism 10 Software”     Don Waid’s - Waid Observatory     Bill Synder’s - Bill Synder Astrophotography Astro Image Site        Warren Kellar’s - Billions and Billions     Dr. Robert Gendler’s - The Universe in Color     Tom W. Harrison’s - Mano Prieti Observatory      Johannes Schedler’s - Panther Observatory      Jerry Lodriguss’s - Catching the Light      Bill McLaughlin’s - Images from the Night Sky      Mike Chapa’s - Astroimaging      Mark Sibole’s - M.T.S.O. Astronomy Page      Jim Misti’s - Misti Mountain Observatory      Russell Croman’s - Astrophotography      Adam Block’s - Fine Astrophotography
Sparta, North Carolina